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Dyson v10 should i buy it or not ?

spring cleanning

Hi Mommy this blog is for you

I’m sure i’m not the only mom in this world struggling with the cleanning

until a few weeks ago i never understood how fun  cleaning can be ..

 a few weeks ago my husband made a purchase that change my perspective

now my life will be dividee in three

“my life before i met my husband and had a kid”

“my life after i met my husband and had a kid”

and “my life since i got the Dyson

It came in the perfect time while  spring cleanning , i never been a fan of spring cleaning 

especially since my 3 years old can make a mess i never thought possible in places i never thought he could reach.

I went to my husband a few month ago and told him my friend just got the Dyson  v10 absolute and she  loves it ,

His first reaction  was “it’s overpriced , its not worth it , you already have a vacuum”.

every now and then i was saying a word how nice and clean the house would be with the Dyson

well a few weeks ago i got my Dyson and now dust became a stranger to that house

My husband is very happy to come  back in a clean and  dust free  house


Why is the Dyson v10 so good


1) There is no need to take the vacuum and connect it to the electricity ( one of the thing that made me lazy to take out the Vacuum) its cordless  you can just grab and go 

2) Has a 60 min battery (low mode) which is more than enaugh time to get ride of all the dust i used only low mode and it picked up everything

3) Easy to use and put the pieces together no need to have a degree for this

4)it comes with accessories (floor,couch,car,and much more…)  each one has an easy release button which make it easy to switch between the accessories

5) It has a nice  bean size so it can take more dirt before you need to empty it

6) Lightweight – the vacuum is very light in comparison to non cordless ones its very easy to use only with one hand


What need to be changed with dyson v10

1)  price – i have to admit even though i love it , this vacuum is quite expensive they really need to make it more affordable 

2)  The battery cant be swapped 

3) On high power you have only 11 min of battery and it takes up to 3 hours to recharge it fully ( in my house i never had a need of the high power mode

My opinion

If you are a mom that is struggling with having the house clean all the time  , the Dyson is the perfect tool for you  your house will be spotless very fast and everyday 

If you find the price of the v10  absolute too expensive you can also buy another v10 package which will change the accessories and the size of the bin or you go to the older model the v8 absolute its almost as good as the v10

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