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Best Baby Activity Gym And play mat

When I had my baby I never heard of tummy time neither  Did my mom.

We grew up sleeping on the tummy

Now after research it’s been found  that  babies should sleep on the back only ,sleeping on the tummy increase the SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) with that being said tummy time is still very important it helps developing shoulder muscles and promote motor skills

A few days after i gave birth to my son a family member  sent us as a gift  “Activity Gym” , at this time I said thank but I didn’t really know what it was for, and how important it was.

We went to our first doctor appointment, and she asked how is he handling tummy time ? I said that no one told me about that 

She mentioned a few times how important it was she showed me playmats that can help me with that and I remembered that gift I got

Since that day every time a close friend is having a baby that’s the gift I buy for the newborn

Gymini Super Deluxe Activity Gym Play Mat-By Tiny love

Why I find it great

  1. It has so many fun activities on it for newborn and even bigger 
  2. The animals and colors make it very attractive for babies 
  3. Each toy has a different texture that help the babies to stimulate different senses
  4. The gym playmat has an interactive electronic touchpad 
  5. Each toy can be dettached 

Deluxe Kick'n Play Piano Gym-Fisher Price

Why I find it great

  1.  your baby can play piano while  doing their tummy time  
  2. You got the toys on the top of the playmat which can be taken down 
  3. Including the mirror to discover themselves , something babies loves doing
  4. It has 4 ways to play: Lay & play Tummy time Sit & play Take along
  5. The activity grows with you include discovery music

3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit- Infantino

why I find it great

  1. Fun activity gym 
  2. 40 balls 
  3. Colorful  
  4. The activity gym is close and safe so your baby cant  escape from there

Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

Why I find it great

  1. Easy to clean 
  2. Parent can join the baby since its very big 
  3. It can grow with you and be used for toddlers
  4. Can just make your floor a safe place for children when they start walking 
  5. Colorful and activity for all ages 

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